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  • 20120810
    With Faerybeads Fall 2012 release announced for the end of September we're excited to share two of the new beads from this fall release: the hatching baby dragon egg bead - a two piece bead- that will hold the baby dragon and new fairy "Plum", both shown here on a Faerybeads bracelet chain along with current collection beads: young pixie "Apple" bead and the baby dragon bead. See more from the fall release...

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  • 20120727
    With only hours to go till the opening ceremony... will you be doing special design for today, for the Games, for your team? Share your designs with us!

    beadthrilled bulletin board 77b195c3

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  • 20120720
    We're thrilled to share a sneak peek to Trollbeads Fall 2012 release! Trollbeads surprises us with new designs... no teddies or bunnies this time? 2012 is the Year of the Dragon!
    Read more... and for all members! And see our beadtreat for more dragons!
    beadthrilled bulletin board C4f884b6

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  • 20120602
    The dragons are flying out!
    All beadthrilled pre-orders will be shipped within the next three weeks. If you haven't effectuated your discount you can do so until June 8th. Dragons with certain color diamond eyes will only available till then as well. Read more about the diamond color options for members.

    beadthrilled bulletin board 224e4bbd

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  • 20120601
    Trollbeads launches a new Universal Unique release from their sustainability initiative in Malawi.
    See more on video... and
    beadthrilled bulletin board Malawi-1
    Courtesy: Trollbeads UK

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  • 20120505
    With the Olympic Games 2012 being held this summer starting from July 27th jewelry brands have created jewelry, beads, charms to commemorate the event. Links of London being the appointed creators of the official jewelry collection of London 2012 have created a large and beautiful range of jewelry, beads and charms. Pandora also designed special beads for the occasion. Besides specific designed beads most brands offer in their collections UK themed beads. We've compiled an overview with the Pandora UK beads, Trollbeads and of course the London 2012 Collection...

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  • 20120502
    Trollbeads love to get out bead boxes so bead friends from all over the world have joined in an exciting and adventurous tour to show their friends-bracelet around at their country and favorite places. Follow this wonderful journey of the Traveling Trollbeads and 'meet' bead friends from around the globe.
    beadthrilled bulletin board 7867f6f9

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  • 20120421
    Trollbeads releases a "special" bead along with the launch of the world wide availability of the World Tour beads at 15th of June! See our sneak peeks for all members and established members!

    beadthrilled bulletin board 0eddc941-3

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  • 20120414
    Do these remind you too of a Pacific Island? Read more in our latest BeadTreat
    beadthrilled bulletin board Charms-Of-Aloha

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  • 20120411
    We thought it nice to share a few of the specials that had been made for display at the BeadThrilled meet up last friday. Read more about these special editions!
    beadthrilled bulletin board FBSpecials

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  • 20120404
    Trollbeads decorative eggs for Easter turn out to be a popular addition for collectors building a bracelet, necklace design for Easter. What other beads are attractive finds for a seasonal design? We've picked some beads from various brands for our BeadTreat about Easter and found you a few interesting pages about the origin and common symbols for Easter!

    beadthrilled bulletin board 62cb4ab0-2

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  • 20120307
    We're thrilled to share the => sneak peek (est. members only) and here (all members) to the rumored Trollbeads Easter collection!

    beadthrilled bulletin board 021aef31-2beadthrilled bulletin board F613dfacbeadthrilled bulletin board Acc350dc-1

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  • 20120223
    The Trollbeads World Tour Hong Kong beads are here!
    See our =>first RL pictures of the beads and a bead comparison.
    Where to buy =>

    beadthrilled bulletin board TBWTHK

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  • 20120217
    Often debated rereleases of long and wanted retired beads got fueled again today when stamped "Joyful" beads were spotted on Trollbeads pages... Read more...

    beadthrilled bulletin board NewJoyful

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  • 20120126
    Trollbeads UK is releasing 1st of February a special edition bead...
    See our sneak peek of this special edition bead! Pre-order the bead here!
    Read more about the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund!

    beadthrilled bulletin board 63699eb1

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  • 20111204
    Pre ordering for the dragon lock has started. First release of our locks will be offered at an introduction price. Read more and sign up!
    beadthrilled bulletin board AetherLock
    beadthrilled bulletin board 5c8a6977

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  • 20111125
    Trollbeads will release additional beads for Christmas on the 9th of December. For those to whom the first editions were too expensive these symbolic beads now are affordable.
    Read more & our sneak peek...
    beadthrilled bulletin board Present-icon-1

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  • 20111123
    beadthrilled bulletin board A6ba2b93-3-1
    ......Since the re-release of the retired old pink prism many collectors have noticed the consecutive sales of wanted retired items -beads, locks, necklaces- at selected Trollbeads retailers and most of the times at the original retail price or a bit above.

    For those that keep missing out on the info we will be listing the most interesting sales offers/shops with retired beads and/or other...

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  • 20111120
    Trollbeads released a lovely collection of beads for Austria!
    The collection comprises of two silver musical themed beads, the Wiener Walz and Amadeus, the other two are Marillenblüte (glass) and Wiener Melange.

    beadthrilled bulletin board WTBAT

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  • 20111115
    beadthrilled bulletin board 83fdb61aWith Christmas getting near and all major brands having released their Christmas collections we've put some nice Christmas beads together for you.

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  • 20111111
    beadthrilled bulletin board 2feeb47d

    beadthrilled bulletin board E076d8c2
    beadthrilled bulletin board 5c8a6977
    The release of our very first dragon, our dragon lock is near.
    We hope you are as excited as we are! Read more....

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  • 20111109
    Trollbeads has released Universal Core Diamond Beads for usage on other major brands bracelet chains. Read more about this release...
    beadthrilled bulletin board DiamondBeadsUU

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  • 20111109
    The next stop of the Trollbeads World Tour is Austria at the 19th of November! We're already excited about another release. Will something musical be represented, perhaps Mozart or an instrument? Will we finally see a dragon in this release? Read more....

    beadthrilled bulletin board Logo-8-2

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  • 20111103
    For those who like a bit of bling... the new colors released by Chamilia for the season are very subtle. See our preview of the collection.
    beadthrilled bulletin board 229e689c-2

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  • 20111029
    We're thrilled to share the full sneak peek of the Trollbeads Christmas 2011 release!
    Trollbeads is spoiling those who love to celebrate the Holidays not only with festive glass beads, the silver and gold beads and lock add even more to the festive feeling!
    Enjoy our sneak peek!
    beadthrilled bulletin board Snowflake-2-iconbeadthrilled bulletin board New-Year-Tree-icon

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  • 20111011
    We are beyond thrilled to share another sneak peek of the final design of our Dragon Lock...

    beadthrilled bulletin board BTDragonSP

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  • 20111008
    Trollbeads releases Troll Charity Coin in several EU countries following the 'premiere' release in Germany in September.
    beadthrilled bulletin board 96052bc3
    Countries that will see/have seen the release and their related charities are:
    GermanyItaly UK
    beadthrilled bulletin board 9168a6e7-1-1-1-2-1

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  • 20110920
    The next stop of the Trollbeads World Tour is Austria in November! We're already excited about another release. Will something musical be represented, perhaps Mozart or an instrument? Will we finally see a dragon in this release? Read more....
    beadthrilled bulletin board Logo-8

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  • 20110915
    The Trollbeads Japan World Tour is here! See the video... Order the beads here...

    beadthrilled bulletin board Logo-7-1

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  • 20110909
    Trollbead Switzerland will release 19th September a collectors bead to commemorate the 7th Zurich Film Festival. Read more...

    beadthrilled bulletin board 8146c838-1

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  • 20110829
    BeadBuddies organizes an exciting bracelet design contest!

    Read more on how to join and have your chance to win fabulous gemstone beads like a BeadBuddies Blue Sapphire! See and enjoy the current entries!

    beadthrilled bulletin board ADTBB-1-1

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  • 20110814
    Trollbeads shared today a make over for the youngest Troll of the Trollbeads collection. Baby Troll is going to be classy on his new stone...
    beadthrilled bulletin board 5ebd7304-1-1

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  • 20110810
    We received hot news about Trollbeads releasing limited stock of the retired old pink prism...
    beadthrilled bulletin board 3c105a86-1-4-8

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  • 20110726
    The Ohm Beads Summer Release brings some nice silver beads and their Braille bead in particularly is rather ingenious. Its three pieces turn freely to form any letter on the braille alphabet. Very nice!
    beadthrilled bulletin board Fa12013c

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  • 20110717
    Trollbeads will be celebrating their 35th anniversary with a limited edition Peacock Bracelet to be presented at the International Jeweller London from 4-7th September.
    beadthrilled bulletin board 3c105a86-1-4-5

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  • 20110716
    Trollbeads released 6th July the universal uniques. Apparently the big cores are not solely featured on unique (non current collection) beads. The first big core collection beads have arrived at the Trollbeads stores. Is Trollbeads yielding towards Pandora?

    beadthrilled bulletin board Unikakits_500x254

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  • 20110707
    The next stop for the Trollbeads World Tour is Japan!
    Will this '3rd japanese release',to be released in September, be as exciting as the Kimono Kit?
    Share the anticipation!

    beadthrilled bulletin board 3c105a86-1-4-4

    by BeadThrilled - Comments: 12 - Views: 5016
  • 20110701
    The Trollbeads World Tour USA beads have been released and we love them!
    See pictures of the beads IRL!
    beadthrilled bulletin board 515f1c38-2

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  • 20110630
    We're thrilled about the upcoming release of the Trollbeads USA World Tour Beads and in the meantime we found you some very pretty silvers to add to do an American bracelet...
    beadthrilled bulletin board D203cd30

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  • 20110618
    The Trollbeads World Tour Switzerland beads are here!
    beadthrilled bulletin board 4414870b-1

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  • 20110610
    Trollbeads Japan has launched a 3rd charity sale.
    "Manga Beads" Limegreen are sold as a limited edition starting at 0:00 11th June in order to raise funds for the support of victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in East Japan.

    beadthrilled bulletin board 81a7ff8f-1

    Trollbeads Japan will donate all profit of charity sale to the Japanese Red Cross Society. The design of Manga Beads were drawn from the Japanese Manga culture and are released as a limited edition.


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  • 20110608
    BeadTreat is a topic that will recur regularly showing similar beads from several brands and artists or beads which are highly distinctive to a brand or artist.

    These bright signature focal lampwork beads by Michal S. are bound to bring a smile to your face.
    We just have to share her work...
    beadthrilled bulletin board 460d2a09-1-1

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  • 20110513
    The limited Trollbeads Diamond Flower Kit has been released...!
    The kit consist of 6 current flower glass beads enhanced with 3 CZ between the flowers.

    beadthrilled bulletin board 4a799dd0-1

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  • 20110507
    BeadTreat is a topic that will recur regularly showing similar beads from several brands and artists or beads which are highly distinctive to a brand or artist.

    We have some very distinctive beads from New Zealand's Evolve.
    A few of these Aotearoa charms to add to your wishlist!?
    beadthrilled bulletin board Evolve-2

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  • 20110505
    BeadTreat is a topic that will recur regularly showing similar beads from several brands and artists or beads which are highly distinctive to a brand or artist....

    Have you ever been to Berlin? Maybe these Berlin Beads remind you of the places you've seen.
    beadthrilled bulletin board Berlin-2

    by BeadThrilled - Comments: 2 - Views: 1132
  • 20110425
    Trollbeads Netherlands offers this year for Mother's Day a special editon kit of 5 beads including the (retired) 30th anniversary bracelet silver baby carriage!
    beadthrilled bulletin board 6401x10
    Read more ...

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  • 20110424
    Whether Easter has a religious or a more lighthearted meaning to you we wish you a Happy Easter!

    beadthrilled bulletin board Scherm11

    Share your designs with us!

    by BeadThrilled - Comments: 8 - Views: 1305
  • 20110401
    The Trollbeads United Kingdom World Tour Beads that have been released the 6th of April are a big surprise! While the sneak peek pictures were not very promising, the pictures of the beads IRL excite us! The United Kingdom World Tour beads are another excellent release by Trollbeads. Though... orangey red glass?

    The set consists of three silvers, a Celtic Kilt, an English Tea Party inspired by the Mad Hatter's tea party in 'Alice in Wonderland', a Welsh Love Spoons bead and one "Union Jack" colors glass bead...

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  • 20110320
    BeadTreat is a topic that will recur regularly showing similar beads from several brands and artists or beads which are highly distinctive to a brand or artist.

    beadthrilled bulletin board Save_tasmanian_devil

    beadthrilled bulletin board TasDevil1-3-1

    The Tasmanian devil is the world's largest surviving marsupial...

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  • 20110316
    A massive earthquake struck the Northern East coast of Japan on Friday 11 March.
    The earthquake, of 9.0-magnitude, triggered a tsunami which hit the Northern East coast of Japan and caused widespread devastation and crippled a nuclear power plant.

    Our hearts go out to those who have been affected by the earth quake and tsunami in Japan!
    In response to these devastating events likely many of you have donated to one of the humanitarian help organizations like the Red Cross.

    Next to that you can give additional support. Already worldwide several Trollbeads retailers...

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