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New stock! Empty New stock!

Post by Faerybeads Sat Jul 18, 2020 12:37 pm

Monday new stock of beads and chains will be added to the webshop.
(Or you can back order your wishlist already this weekend!)

In the past months we had to ship orders by means of registered mail only as shipments took like forever to arrive and clarity about the whereabouts of shipments was helpful, essential. To ease the disappointment of these higher shipments fees we added a little extra to our shipments. We hope you liked it!

Things have returned a bit to normal in the Netherlands and shipments are delivered with minimal delay.
Still we advise for your own peace of mind to use registered shipping for your order.

Customers from (EU) countries that typically show no or little delay or loss can use standard shipping at a low shipping fee, or at your own risk free standard not registered shipping if the order is paid using iDeal or bank transfer. Drop us a line for further details.

In addition to our topic about the copies selling from Chinese marketplaces, Etsy eBay etc. we're considering removing China, Taiwan and Hong Kong from our list of countries we ship to. We're truly sorry for the many honest and decent customers that we have over there but we simply can't justify shipping to countries where our jewelry likely is forwarded to less scrupulous buyers that won't honor a simple thing like our copyright.
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