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Post by BeadThrilled Tue Jan 18, 2011 3:25 pm

Anna wrote:I'm beyond thrilled to see so many of you here, all together again.  I feel so happy!

We don't have any official guidelines up yet as far as being a member and what's appropriate to post and what is not.  So until we get everything in place [...] let's just stick to the regular guidelines of courtesy and kindness.  

I.e. not bashing others, not swearing or using any offensive language, no inappropriate photos, etc.  Please feel free to post questions or PM me with any other thoughts regarding guidelines.  I want this to be the happiest place ever, and we are well on our way!  

Thank you thank you,
(your evening moderator in the middle of the morning and beyond...   Wink)
We would like to add as well:

  • We would love to know about you and your collection, so please leave an introduction at the members profile section before you start posting,

  • We would like to point you as well to our privacy and security settings to learn about our forums access levels,

  • We love to see your collection and designs, but as we're not omniscient we would like to have a description of your creations instead of picture numbers,

  • The photos our members post, whether in the forum or the gallery belong to that member.
    Please do not download them, or reproduce them without seeking the permission of the original poster,

  • Retailers, artisans are also welcome here to contribute, we also would appreciate you telling us you're a retailer or artisan. We'll ask you for a fee but it also will give you the opportunity to engage in conversations with our members. For additional promotions, a dedicated section and advertisements please contact the one of the administrators or send a message to Selling and advertising by PM is not allowed.

  • We are here to enjoy, we're not here to get pounced.

Thank you! And Enjoy!

BeadThrilled Team

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