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Post by kyhalfpt on Mon Feb 03, 2014 10:22 pm

@Michelle wrote:dose it look so bad if you put the same color bead on the top of his head also?

and I dont think the white pearl will show so much

I think it is a hopeless cause. I think anything hanging there would look bad!!!

@Smaug wrote:Thanks for the giggles...  Laugh
Not too long ago someone shared a seller on eBay who offers fitting 'dangles' fantasy - Fantasy Skelly? - Page 2 Icon_eek Laughing

But a simple alternative would be to use a beadstick with a flat bottom on a similar chain.
Or perhaps easier, to use a flat button with a small loop at the back on a chain.

I may look into this later. I was tempted by having him hang straight--would be a nice change.
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